About Pauline El-Kallassi Mansour

Clinical Psychologist | Certified Psychotherapist

Pauline El-Kallassi Mansour
  • Masters’ Degree in Psychology from AUB (American University of Beirut)
  • Diploma in Psycho-Organic Analysis from EFAPO, Paris (Ecole Francaise d’Analyse Psycho-Organique)
  • Clinical Psychology Training at University of Denver, U.S.A (Graduate School of Professional Psychology, GSPP)

Some people still consider it taboo to seek a psychotherapist for fear of what others might think of them. Others think that it is for crazy people only. Sadly enough, it is false.

It seems challenging to admit that we have issues or problems in our lives. However, the truth is that we all have personal issues or something that has caused us some type of pain; and this is completely normal and human. Being human is accepting that life is difficult and painful sometimes. We are not super-humans after all.

Seeking psychotherapy is a step of bravery and courage. It is deciding to take responsibility for the future and changing the path of one’s life despite all the disappointments and deceptions of the past.

I truly believe that psychotherapy is about you. It is not defeat; rather it is about living well and fully. It is about deciding to win yourself now rather than losing parts of you gradually.

I regard psychotherapy as a means to promote inner growth and allow individuals greater control over their lives. I believe it is for those who dare to dive into the unknown and embrace all unaccepted aspects of themselves in order to live fully.